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Dual Credit

Dual credit is applied for students that take a course through El Paso Community College and will earn credit at EPCC and at the high school level.


AP Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available to students starting their freshman year. There are no prerequisites for students to take an AP course.


Graduation Requirements

Students must obtain at least 30 credits from the list of classes below in order to be eligible to graduate from iTEC. In addition to other requirements.


iTEC Courses

iTEC has several elective courses exclusive to the Tec de Monterrey system for students to receive more than just an education. Courses include; critical thinking, creative thinking, ethics, human relations, marketing, and entrepreneurship. These courses are designed to provide students with the skills that they will need in college and life after our program. Students exit the program with improved critical thinking skills and the skillset to be successful.

01. Accreditation

iTEC Preparatory Academy is accredited through Advanced Ed. Every student will graduate with an equivalent Texas diploma.

02. Foreign Language

iTEC offers three foreign languages for students; Spanish, French, and Mandarin. All students are required to take one year of Spanish their freshman year. Students then have the option of French or Mandarin starting their Sophomore year and will take the same foreign language for three years.

03. Mentoring Program

As part of our success with students, students are assigned a teacher or staff member that mentors the students. During the mentoring process, students will be partnered with an adult on campus in which they will be given guidance and support as they complete their 4 years in our program. Mentoring students has shown a significant increase in the student’s potential to succeed.

04. Summer Camp

iTEC offers summer camps for students in 6-8th grade. There are two camps available for students. The first is a sports camp centered around basketball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Students will be engaged inhigh rigorprogram geared towards building endurance, skills training, and teamwork. The other opportunity for students is to participate in a STEAM Camp. During the STEAM camp students will be engaged in educational projects geared towards.