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Why iTEC? We offer an environment where students will excel with their academics, leadership skills, and college preparatory skills.

 iTEC offers high academics for all students. Students will take both dual credit and Advance Placement (AP) classes starting their freshman year. By the time students will graduate they will have the opportunity to earn 12-24 credit hours.
To further encourage our students to attend college we have several programs to support students with their college admission. Students will have SAT preparation built into their schedule starting their Sophomore year. Starting their Junior year, students will have required college advising built into their schedule.
Also students are offered a college tour of campuses located in Texas, East Coast and West Coast. iTEC also offers small class sizes for individual attention for students as well as a mentoring program. We also have a drug testing policy of all students and staff to ensure that our campus remains drug free.


iTEC believes in helping all students accomplish their goal. The only requirement is that the student must successfully complete the eighth grade and take a placement exam. The placement exam is designed to provide information as to where students are starting and not necessarily a required score.

Placement Exam

As part of the admission process, each student is required to take a placement exam. The placement exam is designed to provide information as to what students have learned in middle school and understand the strengths and weaknesses of students. There is no required minimum score for students.


iTEC offers an annual scholarship program known as the Academic Olympics. It is based on the academic abilities of the student. Financial information is not required to participate. Upon acceptance of an academic scholarship, students are required to maintain an 85 grade average each semester and must pass each course.

Financial Aid

Families can also qualify for financial aid. Financial aid will be based on income of families as well as other financial information. Families must fill out a financial aid application to see if they qualify for financial assistance.


01. Tours are available upon request

Tours are given on Monday trough Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tours take approximately 30 minutes.


iTEC Preparatory Academy can offer VISAS to those students who are international students. VISAS are processed by Hortencia Lazcano. The VISA process takes about 4 weeks.



Tuition for students is 10 payments of $998.00 for a total of $9,980.00. Payments start in August and end in May. There is also a registration fee of $650.00 that is due annually in June.