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Dual Credit

Dual credit is applied for students that take a course through El Paso Community College and will earn credit at EPCC and at the high school level.

In Order for students to participate in Dual Credit they must first pass the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI).
The TSI will be given to students starting their sophomore year. Each student is responsible for paying for the assessment.
TSI exams will be scheduled for students to take at EPCC. Students are responsible for transportation to EPCC to test.
Once students have passed the TSI, they have the option of receiving Dual Credit. A list of available Dual Credit courses and the associated cost will be given to parents in advance.

Credits earned through EPCC

are generally accepted in most universities in Texas.

Students will take Dual Credit courses online with an EPCC instructor or with an iTEC professor who is trained to teach the course.
The courses are similar to a traditional course in the fact that they will have weekly assignments, quizzes, and assessments.
At the end of the semester, the grade they earn will be reflected on their EPCC transcript as well as their iTEC transcript.